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 Upcycled & Handcrafted 

Tropical Leaves

About Us

Altereco is an idea to promote sustainable behaviour through the medium of upcycled products, created out of waste and made by hand. By using waste, we avoid bringing new materials into the economy, as well as avoid existing materials being disposed off after use. By handcrafting, we realize the potential of human energy,  as renewable energy and create opportunities for individuals from low-income and disadvantaged communities to access sustainable livelihoods.

What's New



Havalina sells wine in pouches that reduce CO2 emissions by 80% due to energy efficiency in production and lightweight construction in transportation. As a responsible brand, they are continuously looking for ways to become more sustainable. 

They approached Altereco to give them a solution for their wine pouches post-consumption. They wanted to do a project that would be ongoing and impactful. 

Together, we decided to create a CSR project – that will create value for individuals from low-income communities. The wine pouches are being converted to lunch bags by artisans, and donated to differently-abled children studying at a NGO-run mobile school. 

Partner with us, to upcycle your company's waste and support livelihoods of artisans.

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