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Sustainable gifting

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About Us

Altereco is an idea to promote sustainable behaviour through the medium of upcycled products, created out of waste and made by hand. By using waste, we avoid bringing new materials into the economy, as well as avoid existing materials being disposed off after use. By handcrafting, we realize the potential of human energy,  as renewable energy and create opportunities for individuals from low-income and disadvantaged communities to access sustainable livelihoods.

What's New



For a recent annual awards ceremony hosted by JLL@Google, a seemingly simple purchase decision had a BIG impact. JLL wanted to purchase gifts for all their vendor partners. Their design brief was to create a simple keychain with their logo on it, an element of colour reflecting Google's brand colours, and of course within a budget.

With this brief in mind, we at Altereco, designed a five layered keychain that met these requirements, and incorporated recycled/ upcycled materials. We used recycled wood for engraving, recycled felt for color and tyretube as a central binding layer. The best part - these gifts were handmade by women and differently-abled artisans from low income families in India.


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